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Goat Farm Project Report. Project expenditures and norms are as per current calender month. Expenditures and profit rates in the project report changes every month,as per hikes and depreciations in the market. Details of different types of breeds and their distributions in india. Is goat farm a sucefull business nowdays.? If yes,then how? If no,why? Find all the secrets behind a sucesfull and non-sucesfull goat farms 5.

Just follow it strictly and you will earn more than you have expected 7. Goat shed with feeding and water supply management. Shed for stall feed and semi-stall feed systems. Photos of goat sheds and videos Best Fodder for goats and its production in your farm land. Fodder cost,how to decrease fodder cost How to obtain fodder if you dont have farm land to cultivate it. How to avoid it?

What is Hydroponics fodder system,is it profitable? Vaccination and deworming Handling of goats,castration of males. Export of goats and meat. Extra income from byproduct of goats. Draw backs,that you may face. How to overcome it. Best Training institutes in india. Marketing of goats,best market to sell bucks. Present Detail costs of does and bucks osmanabadi breed is considered for project Fundamental sartup issues.

Capital requirement with land and without land. Profit statement,expenses and income details of 5years. ITR and Bank loan return statement In this project 2nd years net profit is rs7,00, It takes years to have a complete and right knowledge of goat farming.

But now you dont spent any more time to gather the information. All information in one project. Just buy it and save your precious time. All solutions in one project.

This project is in simple language and can be understood to anyone non-farmers,businessmen,students,workers etc. Payment mode is via bank transfer,project report will be deliver via mail on same day of payment deposition. Osmanabadi Goat Farm.Project report for any types of business is important for beginners. In goat farming business project report will be the key factor of business. This Goat farming project report shows, how you can earn profit from goat farming business.

Goat farming is growing day by day, a lot of educated people entering in commercial goat farming, and commercial goat farming project report is the first part of the business before starting it.

All the equipment needed for commercial goat farm and profit guide is available here. We purchased Female and 4 Male. Weight of Female goat is 30 kg and a weight of 1 male 35 kg. Note: in India, you can easily start with re per kg live goat weight with Goat Breeds like Sirohi, Barbari, Black Bengal and indigenous breed of any region.

Housing and equipment are the one-time investment in the commercial goat farm. Beginning investment is the needs of every business and these business require shed and equipment in the beginning. Generally, 1 female goat required 10 Sqft Area. Male required 15 Sqft Area. Kid needs 5 Sqft Area. Fixed investment is the one-time investment cost that is not included in the profit in this project report because every business needs the beginning investment.

I have put so much effort to make this Goat farming project report through my own Experience to provide value for the upcoming Goat farmers or Goat farming Community. It will be very helpful for me if you share this post on social media, WhatsApp Groups and for those who need it.

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This report is looks good as compare to others, I have seen lots of report they given the numbers which is not exist anywhere. But I have couple of question. First this project report is for which breed I want to start pure Sirohi breed if you can send me sirohi breed project report. I will be the approximate cost of green fodder per kg Rajasthan Location if i am not buying from outside. Very much practical project report.

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Can we increase the weight without depending on concentrated feed if we have enough green fooders. Generally, Goat required Green, Dry And concentrated feed for better productivity. Thanku so much for sharing your Precious knowledge. Can i get your contect no. For some more details?Send us your requirements other than our list of Project Reports. Copyright Download Project Report. Select Project Total no. Please enter promotor's information Name Address Contact no. Qualification Project location Experience Constitution.

Your Feedback Sent Successfully. Send us your requirements other than our list of Project Reports character s left. Thank you for posting comment. It will be displayed after moderation. Vijay Shelke from Nilewadi on 15 Mar says The expected return would be atleast10 Lakh in 6 months period. Total Replies 0 Kapilkori from Sagar on 14 Mar says Total Replies 0.

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Download project reports in 3 easy steps Step 1. Download free 'Mango Report' to know how it works. Step 2. Step 3. Start downloading by using login details instantly. Why Choose Us? Project Reports as per bank standards. Provides online handholding support.

What Our Customers Say? I have got Rs. Project report of DownloadProjectReport.

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Kaarthik Salem, Tamilnadu. Connect with Us:. Number of Goats: eg.An increasing number of farmers are keeping goats for commercial purposes in Zimbabwe. Goat farming business is a very profitable business to operate in Zimbabwe. The demand for goat meat is increasing. People want to try a different type of meat which is not chicken, beef or pork.

Goats are easy to keep and are very profitable as the feed costs are low due to the fact that they eat a variety of foods. An increasing number of farmers in Zimbabwe are keeping goats due to the high profits from the goat farming business. Demand for goat meat is high and there is a lot of potential for the growth of the market. Before you start the goat farming business, you have to decide how many goats you want to keep, where you are going keep them, and your target market. The number of goats you keep will depend on the amount of land and capital you have, and also the size of your target market.

You should always carry out a feasibility study, market research and write a business plan before you venture into any business. This article will explain how to start a goat farming business in Zimbabwe, and the goat farming business plan. You require land for goat farming. A large enough area must be available for erecting the necessary goat pens and for grazing. Thus you have to put a strong fence around your farm to prevent the goats from escaping. Make the fence suitable enough for keeping your goats safe inside, and strong enough for keeping all types of predators or harmful animals outside.

Goats need pasture to graze on. The pasture should be divided into different parts. And if possible, rotate the pastures where your goats graze on, for avoiding overuse and the overgrowth of less desirable forage that means, allow your goats to graze on a pasture while other rests.

The pasture should have various types of pasture plants or grasses. This will increase the food value and help to meetup all types of necessary nutrient requirements for goats.

It is advisable to locate the goat farming project nearer to good roads as that will help minimize costs and enable the farmer have access to and from the project.

There should be a reliable source of clean water that can be used for both human and animal consumption, such as boreholes and rivers. In case of inadequate water source, a reservoir could be constructed. You require good housing to be successful in the goat farming business.

Goats are very adaptive animals and do not require expensive housing. Housing for your goats should have a dry floor and good ventilation. The housing should protect your goats from the sun and rain.

Starting Goat Farming Business Plan (PDF)

Poor ventilation can be detrimental to goat health and performance. Harmful gases and dust can cause respiratory problems to the goats, while temperature extremes can reduce goat productivity. The purpose of ventilation is to provide the desired amount of fresh air to all parts of the shelter; to maintain temperatures within desired limits and to maintain relative humidity within desired limits. You can use wood or clay bricks or concrete blocks to construct the goat pens.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Final goat rearing project proposal. Masudul Hassan. Objectives of the project: I Income generation of the distressed women and farmers, II Establishment of small scale goat rearing enterprise, III Raise nutritional status through goat rearing and increase supply of animal protein, IV Develop saving habit of the beneficiaries, V Reduce poverty. They are mostly poor. Most of the people have only homestead.

They have only agricultural labor to invest. These people spend most of the time in a year without getting any work. As a result, during these periods they do not have any scope of earning. They are less educated, unskilled and do not have any access to income generating activities. The effect of extreme poverty falls most severely upon them and their children.

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Poverty has forced most of these women out of their house in search of work as day labor. Unfortunately female wage rate is also less than male wage rate in Bangladesh. Goat rearing specially by this group of women is a very beneficial programme as experienced by the Department of Livestock Services. The result has been found wonderful in respect of paying back their loan and earning additional income by selling the goat products in their house. The programme though has been found and proved highly beneficial, cannot be expanded at this moment due to limitation of fund and others.

In villages of Bangladesh, most of the poor women keep their goat in their living shed at night, graze in roadsides and successfully rear them with much care. The programme if taken will give excellent benefit to the poorest group of women of the country.

Operation of the project: The site of the project will be selected near Khulna in a few villages of Gangachara thana under Rangpur district where most of the people are found to live below poverty line. After selecting the site survey of living standard of the people, their employment opportunities, goat rearing facilities, goat disease prevalence, and socio-economic condition of the village people will be considered.

Beneficiary Selection: 1. Experience and practice of rearing goat, 2. Skill of rearing goat, 3. Women especially widows, distressed and female headed families, and 4.

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Only those beneficiaries will be selected who will be willing to form groups and contribute in community fund. Activity: 1. Increase protein supply and raise nutritional status, 3. Income generation for destitute women and farmers, 4.

Develop saving habit tendency among the group member, 5. Rearing Black-Bengal goat to sustain the breed. Manure produced in the farm will be utilized for fodder cultivation 3.Sir 11 machine ka bakra or bakri kaha milta hai rupees me mere ko kharidane h please batane ka kasht kare mobile no. My name is Akhileshwar Jha Vaishali in Bihar I want idia how to start goat farming own please help me.

goat farming project pdf

I want start a goat farm with goat and 1male goat kya yah sahi kadam h business start karne ka ya Kam jyada krna krna h please advise me. Sar me goat farm kholana chahta hu. Kya Aap Meri help karege. Me bakri palan kar raha hu pichle 2 sal se par sahi jankari na hone ke waja se kafi nuksan bhugatna para he.

Me Assam ka rahane wala hu mujhe black bangal nasal ka bakri palne ka sak he mujhe aachi black bangal ki bakri kaha he kharidna chaiye jankari de. Dear sir… After 4 month, I will started goat farming business, n I started 20 osmanabadi goat n 1 shirohi male goat. So plzzz suggest me. Hello sir, Mera naam Dhanesh mandavi h. Mai rajnandgaon chhattisgar me rhta hu.

Mai swaym ka vyavsay kRNA chahta hu, Jo ki bakri palan ka vyavsay ko chuna hu. Es chhetr me mujhe marg drshan ki avsaykta h. Dosto mai bhi got farming karna chahta Hu lekin mere pas paisa Nahi hai mai bhi chote mote kam karke paise jma kar rahahu our thandi mai Got farming shuru karna chahta hu bhagvan krupase mere Pas paisa ajaye to mai Got farming shuru kar du Jay shrri ram.

Mai kiraye ki jamin pe bakari palan karna chahta hon kaise kya krna hai please bistar se jankari dijiye. Me Rajasthan bhilwara ka rahane wala hu me bakari palan suru karna chata hu muje kon si bakari lani chiye aur lone se sambait jankari bhi de mynumber shravan singh Rajput.

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Mahinder ji nameskar mere pass sqfit jagh hi kya us me 50 goat female nd 2 male ka sade bn jaye g pls infromaction. Fine way of explaining, and good paragraph to get information on the topic of my presentation subject, which i am going to convey in school. Dear sir I am navin from bhagalpur Bihar.

goat farming project pdf

Bakri ki nasal ki jankri ke liye Yah Post padhe waise aap chahen to is Success story se bhi idea le sakte hain.

Sir i am start a goat farm at my farm house in rajasthan distt. Bikaner how to start a goat farm and how much goat??? Any entrepreneurs can start with any numbers of goats subject to minimum for better and early return.

goat farming project pdf

We will start for a Goat farming planing after 4 month……. I will take all informetion from Goat famrming. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Notify me of new posts by email.Goat farming business is a very profitable business, and many people are making money all over the world by starting goat farming project. However, to build a successful, sustainable goat farming business, you require sufficient knowledge of how to efficiently raise the goats, good management skills, and a good goat farming business plan.

goat farming project pdf

This article will outline how to start the goat rearing business, and the goat farming business plan — PDF, Word and Excel. Goat farming is a lucrative business, providing income for millions of people, but there are some essential things you need to do before you venture into rearing goats for profit. You have to decide on the size of your goat farming project i.

If you do not have a lot of capital, you can always start small and grow your goat farming project overtime, remember, Rome was not built in a day. You also need to carry out market research Who are you going to sell the goats to? At what price? A large enough area must be available for erecting the necessary goat pens. Assessment on the suitability of the plot for goat farming should be conducted. It is advisable to locate the project nearer to good roads as that will help minimize costs.

This will also enable the farmer have easy access to and from the goat farming project. There should be a reliable source of clean water that can be used for both human and animal consumption, such as boreholes, rivers and dams. In case of inadequate water source, a reservoir could be constructed.

Thus you have to put a strong fence around your farm to prevent the goats from escaping. Make the fence suitable enough for keeping your goats safe inside, and strong enough for keeping all types of predators or harmful animals outside. Goats require pasture to graze on. You should divide the pasture into different parts. To avoid over usage of pasture and the growth of less desirable forage, you should rotate the pastures where your goats graze on. This means that you should allow your goats to graze on one pasture while the other pasture is resting.

The pasture should have various types of pasture plants or grasses. This will increase the food value and help to meetup all types of necessary nutrient requirements for goats. Your goat farming business plan should take into account the cost of purchasing or renting the land. There is need for you to have good housing so that you become successful and profitable in your goat farming business. Goats do not require expensive housing since they are very adaptive animals.

The proper housing for goats should have good ventilation and a dry floor. The goats also need protection from the sun and rain, thus you housing should cater for that. Poor ventilation is bad to the health and performance of your goats. Extreme temperatures can reduce the productivity of goats.

Poor ventilation may also lead to circulation of harmful gases which can cause respiratory problems to the goats. Good ventilation is required so that the right amount of fresh air is provided to all parts of the shelter, and to maintain the right temperature and the right humidity. The goat pens for your goat farming project can be constructed using clay bricks, wood or concrete blocks.

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